WHITEMONT FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRM   Integrity generates credibility

Our commitment


Diligent and prompt service, based on the values of integrity, of independence and of excellence! Rigor and discipline are vital elements when we evaluate your situation and proceed with our recommendations.

How ?


Via the expertise, the experience and the knowledge of our mutidisciplinary team we strive to offer you the best solutions at all times.

Via the independence of our advice and of our recommendations, as we are independent from any financial or insurance companies. We provide a totally objective expert opinion that is in your best interest.

Via the exploration, the evaluation and the follow ups of our investment committee, we search for and analyze the best teams of portfolio managers to help you attain your financial objectives.



In our products and services, to create an important added value to our clients, to our advisors and to our partners.

« The strength of a team dedicated to the achievement of YOUR goals »