WHITEMONT FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRM   Integrity generates credibility



1. We allow you to spend more time at what you do best: serve your clients

2. We provide you with a client management software that allows you to better manage your business relationships

3. We invest ourselves to help you increase your efficiency

4. We integrate your way of doing business in our flexible structure.

5. We assume the responsibility of your administration. 


Sales support

6. We second you in advising your clients in the wide spectrum of possibilities of financial planning, especially with investments, with insurance, with liability management and with taxation.

7. We carry all the research and analysis concerning new products in investments, in insurance and for mortgages.

8. We share with you concepts in insurance as well as with investments. We are continually seek new ideas and innovative approaches.


Professional development

9. We help you enhance your professional image.

10. We assist you in setting up a structure to improve your communications with your clients.

11. We help you better organize your company.

12. We maximize the opportunities with you.

13. We create added value.

14. We assist you in the planning for the right person taking over your business.

15. We improve your quality of life !