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About Mr. Peter Tsakiris,

CEO Whitemont Financial Services Firm

I was fortunate to have Peter as a financial advisor early in my professional career. From the beginning, Peter guided me well and explained the different types of investor profiles and from there I was able to make an informed choice and take a level of investment risk with which I was comfortable.

He kept me abreast of the big trends in the financial world, the risks of financial market crises and the impact it would have on the performance of my investments. During the financial crisis of 2008-2009, he was able to reassure me and showed me the stability and the performance of my investments by regaining all that I had lost the following year.

It is with great pleasure and without hesitation that I recommend Peter's services and advice, for his competence, his professionalism, his way of navigating the financial market and especially the attention he pays to his clients.



Fabien Jean Claude
Designer Graphique
Ubisoft Divertissement
5505 Boul. Saint-Laurent
Montréal, Québec, H2T1S6


"I recommend Peter and his team to everyone. Nothing to do with the bank services.’’

Marc-André Carbonneau 
Ubisoft Montreal Studio 


About ten years ago, I made the decision to trust Peter to advise me and manage my wealth.

He has since had only one interest in mind: mine!

He allowed me to clarify my expectations, to plan my financial objectives and above all, was of a precious help, with its judicious advice, to guide me through the various successive financial crises which affected the Economy during all these years to ultimately protect my investments.

One of Peter's great strengths is to be very proactive and keep me regularly informed of market trends & future trends. At each important event, he always makes himself available to meet me and explain the news in simple and easily understandable terms to make sure that I understand the situation and he accompanies me for possible readjustments to my investments.

Peter has established a true collaboration with me in which I feel in perfect confidence and control. I am very satisfied with the service that Peter gives me and hope to continue this association for many years to come.

Nicolas Raffenaud
Associate Producer
Ubisoft Montreal Studio
Montreal, Canada