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Your Insurance needs



Life Insurance


The permanent need for life insurance allows the deceased to assume his/her responsibility at the time of death.


Over and above these basic needs, we can consider:


The need for Term Insurance allows us to assume certain precise needs at the time of death

  • Funeral costs
  • Basic taxation at time of death
  • Financial leverage for your loved ones
  • A more important taxation debt if your assets are considerable
  • An additional amount to bequeath to your estate
  • Important debts
  • To take responsibility of the children until they become adults
  • Loss of revenue of dead spouse


Disability Benefits


Critical illness benefit or priority care


Here are some examples of illnesses that are covered:


This protection will help you pay for:

Definition: It is an insurance product that allows a lump sum cash payment if a diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses listed in the policy is made by a physician. There are approximately twenty covered conditions.


Stroke, severe burns, cancer, blindness, coma, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, paralysis, deafness, myocardial infarction.

  • Survival expenses
  • Medication or treatments non covered by the provincial healh insurance program
  • Medical care in a foreign country
  • Home care
  • Changes to the home
  • Unpaid leave for the spouse
  • Wage loss
  • The mortgage and other debts


It is exceptional that the critical illness coverage is offered with group insurance. If unfortunately, a critical illness should occur, we estimate the need at two times the revenues plus 50% of the debts.


Disability Insurance Coverage


This protection covers:

Definition: This protection will replace your employment revenue if you face an incapacity and are unable to accomplish the tasks related to your profession because of an illness or an accident.

  • The groceries
  • The telephone bill
  • The electricity bill, etc.
  • The mortgage payments
  • The car payments
  • The school fees for your children
  • The continuation of your savings for your retirement program


Usually, your group insurance covers this protection accurately.
We recommend a protection of 75% to 80% of your net revenue.


Long term care


With this protection, you will benefit

Definition: This protection will allow you to receive long term care without or with less financial worries according to the chosen terms of the contract should you be unable to perform 2 or 3 activities of daily living such as: feed yourself, go to the washroom, take a bath, getting around or experiencing continence problems.

  • Home care
  • Institution care

The needs of persons 25 years of age or older who wish a superior quality of care.

Group insurance does not cover this protection.