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The Will


It is extremely important to own a current notarized will:

  • Without a will, it is the Civil Code of Québec, and not you, that determines the estate distribution.
  • Without a will, you cannot choose the individual who will dispose of your assets.
  • Without a will, if you are not married to your spouse, whatever the length of your common-law union, your spouse will never inherit any or all of your assets at the time of your passing.
  • Without a will, if you have separated from your legal spouse without obtaining a divorce, it is possible that when you die, your ex-spouse inherits all of your assets.
  • A will allows you to bequeath to a precise person.
  • A notarized will cannot be lost or modified.
  • You can modify a will at all times if you choose to.
  • A will allows you to specify at what age your minor children will inherit your assets.
  • A will allows you to determine who will become the legal guardian of your children if both parents pass away.
  • A will may allow your estate to save on taxes.