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Mutual Fund Representative1, Financial Planner2, Financial Security Advisor2

In 1992, Léon Lemoine obtains the titles Financial Securities Advisor and Advisor in Group Insurance and Annuity Plans.  In June 1995, he adds the titles Investment Advisor and Certified Life Insurer. In 2000 Léon qualifies for the titles of Financial Planner with the Institut Québéçois de Planification Financière ( IQPF ).  He remains the youngest person to ever receive the title of Chartered Life Underwriter.

Léon Lemoine begins his career as an advisor with the Mouvement Desjardins and in 2001, he pursues his career with Peak Financial Group where he becomes a member of the Excellence Club from 2006 to 2007. Léon sets up Gestion Ethik, a Financial Services firm. In 2010, he decides to transfer his firm with Groupe Lafond et Associés where he becomes Investment Manager.

Today, while working in synergy with Whitemont Léon dedicates his time and energy in the pursuit of his research of the past 20 years to develop the most efficient tools in order to optimize the choice of investments that will perform positively in the event of a financial storm while surpassing the indices in calmer times.  This key function requires a global vision of the markets, of the enterprises and of the workings of the industry.

During his 22 years career in financial services, Léon Lemoine has demonstrated his ability to develop and maintain quality relationships with a privileged clientele. He is renowned  and appreciated in his field of expertise for his profound conviction on the importance of the independence  in advice.  It is because of this very important belief that in 2006, he became a co-founder of Regroupement Indépendant de Conseillers de l’Industrie Financière au Québec  (R.I.C.I.F.Q.). and was its president and official spokesperson from 2007 to 2009.  His passion, his rigorous approach and his know-how have been instrumental in his becoming part of the short list of candidates for the title of Financial Personality of the Year by the Finance et Investissement newspaper.

His expertise and notoriety acquired during his impressive career coupled with his pedagogical and popularization abilities have captured the interest of the media and they often appeal to him for comments on subjects related to the financial industry.  a renowned financial magazine has invited him as a bloger.  His texts are amongst the most consulted in his field of expertise.

Integrity and ethics are omnipresent in Léon Lemoine’s professional practice and nothing appears more important for him.

1 Registered at PEAK Investment Services
2 Registered at Gestion Ethik