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  • Marc Perron

    My mission is to simplify the lives of busy executives: to become your private CFO!
    After a distinguished career as a corporate finance executive with leading multinational companies, Marc now provides personal financial advice to the executives and entrepreneurs that help run such companies.
    Having been there, Marc deeply understands the unique needs of these business leaders. These are people that deploy incredible amount of passion and energy to ensure the success of their venture and also do the very best they can to balance the demands of their businesses with those of their family. What often gets left out, unfortunately, is the detailed attention that the complex personal financial matters require. This creates a sense of insecurity - an uncomfortable feeling - of not being in control.
    Therefore, these corporate executives and entrepreneurs come to Marc to:

    • Build custom made retirement plans that take into account limits imposed by tax laws on retirement plan payouts. Yes there are limits!
    • Reduce the risk associated with having all their eggs in their employer’s/company’s basket (salary, bonus, stock and stock options and pension plans);
    • Motivate them to take immediate action to regain control of their personal financial lives;
    • Save time by shopping around for the best financial products available to fill their needs;
    • Build income splitting strategies that help them pay less income taxes;
    • Invest their hard earned savings in conservative, tailor made, tax efficient solutions; and
    • Simplify their lives by coordinating their other advisors such as estate lawyer and/or tax expert.
    • Marc is a certified Financial Planner from the Quebec Institute of Financial Planning (QIFP), the only institution in the province authorised to grant the Financial Planner title. Quebec is the only province in Canada to regulate that title. He holds an MBA from l’Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal, Quebec and a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Military College (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario.
    During his careers as a military engineer officer and corporate finance executive, Marc and family had the pleasure of living in many places across the country: from New Brunswick to British Columbia and also abroad in Germany, France and the USA. Travelling is still a family passion!
    When he is not engaged in customer meetings or drafting up financial plans, you can usually find Marc cycling or running on the roads, or in the hockey rinks or ski slopes near his Montreal hometown.
    * Marc is registered as a Mutual Funds representative with PEAK Investment Services Inc. through the Whitemont Financial Services team, a branch of PEAK Investment Services. He also offers financial planning services and insurance products as an independent representative.
    ¹ Registered at PEAK Investment Services
    ² Registered at Whitemont Financial Services

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    MBA, B. Sc Eng, Fin. Pl.
    (514) 912-3904

    • Mutual Funds Representative¹
    • Financial Planner²
    • Financial Security Advisor²