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  • Peter Tsakiris

    Peter Tsakiris is a driven, accomplished and steadfast investment advisor². He has extensive experience as a chartered administrator, financial planner¹, financial security advisor¹, group insurance¹ & annuity-plan advisor¹, and as certified mortgage broker³. Adept in wealth management, Peter Tsakiris holds a licence in Quebec, in Ontario, in Alberta, in British Columbia and in New-Brunswick. As founder and CEO of Whitemont Financial Services Firm, Peter Tsakiris etched the Firm’s mission, vision and values in stone from the start; to unequivocally provide his clients, financial advisors and underwriters alike with his culture of excellence, independence and integrity in order to remain an integral partner to their success.
    Keeping his clients’ best interest a priority, Peter Tsakiris associated his Firm with PEAK Financial Group in 2005. Founded in 1992, Peak is one of the most important independent brokerage firms in Canada with a network of 1,500 financial advisors serving over 150,000 investors and administrating nearly $13 Billion in assets. PEAK distinguishes itself every year amongst the best fully independent multidisciplinary brokers across Canada. In his quest to be the best, Peter Tsakiris decided to offer the full spectrum of financial services under a one-stop independent financial services firm. As such, he associated himself as a certified mortgage broker with Planiprêt. Planiprêt is the second largest mortgage brokerage agency in Quebec and is highly regarded by Quebec’s financial industry for the quality and strength of the files diligently submitted. Assisted by his team of mortgage experts, Peter Tsakiris advises and negotiates on behalf of thousands of clients every year in search of the most competitive and advantageous mortgage loans offered by banks, credit unions and most other financial institutions.
    Compelling is the attention Peter Tsakiris invests in the advice offered to his clients for their financial wellbeing. Throughout more than two decades now, the clients continue to appreciate his passion in wealth management and his in depth knowledge of the economy. The trust Peter Tsakiris has earned from his clients, advisors and underwriters has positioned Whitemont to be a leader amongst the independent financial advisory firms in Quebec.
    Testimony to this success is the ongoing partnership Peter Tsakiris enjoys with GENIUM360 (formerly the Réseau des Ingénieurs du Québec). Since 2010, Peter and his team offers the GENIUM’s 96,000 engineers and students in engineering financial planning and mortgage brokerage services. Today, Peter Tsakiris and Whitemont offer this complete line of financial services to a select group of financial advisors in wealth management, risk management and finances. Once diligently appointed by Peter Tsakiris, all financial advisors receive professional training, including coaching and career development strategies, advisor update of latest strategies and concepts available, compilation of financial plans for the advisor’s clients, transactional and customer service, advisor administrative support and succession planning.
    Peter Tsakiris has three children and is fluent in the French, English and Greek languages.
    ¹ Registered at Whitemont Financial Services
    ² Registered at PEAK Securities
    ³ Registered at Planiprêt

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    B. Sc. Actuarial Science, MBA, C. Adm., F. Pl.

    • Financial Planner¹
    • Financial Security Advisor¹
    • Advisor in Group Insurance & Annuity¹
    • Investment Advisor²
    • Certified Mortgage Broker³