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    WHITEMONT Financial Services is attached to PEAK Investment Services for its investment brokerage activities. PEAK was created in 1992 and is today one of the most important financial groups completely independent in Canada. Bringing together almost 1,500 professionals in the industry of financial Services and more than 150,000 investors, PEAK Financial Group has more than $13 billion of assets under management. PEAK has excelled in the past years through important acquisitions: Geoffrion, Leclerc, Marcoux et Associés, Services financiers AXA and Promutuel Capital. Present and registered in all Canadian provinces, PEAK Financial Group has its headquarter in Montréal and is composed of: PEAK Investment Services, PEAK Financial Services, PEAK Securities, PEAK Insurance and Promutuel Capital.
    With the integrity and innovation values shared within PEAK Financial Group, PEAK has been repeatedly recognized in the list of the 100 fastest growing companies in Canada, according to the PROFIT magazine’s rating. PEAK is distinguished every year amongst the best multidisciplinary brokers in the country.