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  • NEW service offered for UPPERBEE members

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    ✓ Free consultation to analyze your situation
    ✓ Analysis of your borrowing capacity
    ✓ Advice for first-time buyers
    ✓ Service your existing mortgage
    ✓ Market analysis
    ✓ Unbiased advice
    ✓ Liability management advice (debt consolidation)
    ✓ Tax strategies to make your interest tax deductible
    ✓ Best rates available

    Our services are free for you, as our compensation comes from the financial institution you choose.
    We have access to a very large number of financial institutions, which sets us apart from the competition.
    We offer you a $100 gift coupon, if you recommend us to a member of your family or a friend who take out a mortgage with us.
    Our goal is to guide you through the most important purchase decision of your life by avoiding costly mistakes and getting you the best terms and conditions.
    By refinancing your property to carry out renovations, you could increase its value and its longevity, while respecting your budget.
    Mortgage refinancing involves re-borrowing against the equity in your property. Equity is the difference between the market value (how much you could sell your home for) minus your current mortgage balance. It is currently possible to refinance up to 80% of the value of your property.
    Your Planiprêt mortgage broker is the ideal person to talk to you about the different programs that exist when you buy, renovate or finance a property. (Self-Employed Program, Newcomer Program, Secondary Residence Program, 5% Cash Program, etc.)
    Don’t make the mistake of signing your institution’s offer without speaking to a Planiprêt mortgage broker. We will be able to assess your entire situation to find you the best mortgage loan that will be adapted to your current and future needs, all at the best rates and the best conditions.
    The benefit of doing this with a mortgage through refinancing is definitely the terms of the loan. Debt consolidation involves putting all your debt in one place so that you make one payment per month. Generally offered at a more advantageous rate than credit cards or a personal loan.
    Planiprêt commercial is able to process several types of financing including: Multi-housing (ideally 8 or more units), industrial, business transfer financing, construction of residential projects, etc.

You can also reach us on the line dedicated at 514 393-1790 poste 455.