Slides Framework
    The values of WHITEMONT that have been implemented


      Our mission is to work first and foremost for you and find the most appropriate solutions tailored to your specific needs. In our evaluation process, potential commission earnings or sales incentives are not considered in preparing and finalizing our recommendations.

      We have access to most financial products available on the Canadian market. We offer you the best products possible, devoid of any conflict of interest.

      We have the knowledge and the expertise to analyze all the products available on the financial market. This know-how coupled with our active listening skills ensure that we meet your expectations and ensure you can achieve your dreams.


    Our reputation is based on the personal integrity of each employee and on our commitment towards the respect of the following guiding principles

    • Integrity

      In the normal conduct of business guided by high ethical standards.
    • Respect

      Towards our employees, our clients, our advisors, our partners and the community in which we live and work.  
    • Honesty

      In our internal and external communications and all aspects of our operations.
    • Responsibility

      In our words and our actions, confirming our commitment to accomplish what we affirm.

    • Fairness

      Towards our employees, our clients, and our partners by adhering to the established legal systems while complying with, and exceeding, professional standards.
    • Independance

      By choosing to do business with almost all companies offering financial products, whether it be a bank, an insurance company, a Trust or an independent company. As well, by not offering in-house products, thus making sure we do not have any conflicts of interest when advising our clients.